day 314 autumnal reflections IMG_0704a.jpg
day 302 swimming through color IMG_3709.JPG
day 300 curling up in color IMG_0258.JPG
day 305 settling in IMG_3691a.jpg
day 301 reflecting on color IMG_3658.jpg
day 288 drops of inspirationIMG_3124.JPG
day 304 candy corn colors IMG_3663.JPG
day 306 good day sunshine IMG_0557.JPG
day 309 Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. Helen Keller IMG_0623.JPG
day 321 rain catcher IMG_3969.JPG
day 312 Ablaze tree.jpg
day 313 tranquility IMG_0706a.jpg
day 319 mirror mirror image.jpg
day 323 echoing beauty IMG_0834a.jpg